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Daria Kopylova

Traveler, Seeker, and Creator.

Privet (Hello)! My name is Daria Kopylova and I am a artist. I am located in Chattanooga Tennessee. Willing to travel to any part of this planet, at fair price of course. This planet we call earth. Earth, indeed, is full of beautiful places and people. My goal in life is to share it with you through my camera eye. Photography to me is about freezing a split second in time and sharing that moment for years to come. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@withDashka) to see my adventures, upcoming vlogs  and trips across the globe! I more than appreciate the love and support, and I look forward to sharing my next trip with all of you! My favorite quote is by Platon, one of the most inspiring photographers out there. 

I am not really photographer at all.
The camera is nothing more than a tool.
Communication, simplicity, shapes on the page.
What's important is the story, the message, the feeling. The connection. How do you make this... reach people. It's a combination of graphic simplicity and the power of spirit and soul. It's design.

So when I press the shutter... something amazing happens. It's 500 of a second, but it freezes an event. You're looking for a moment when you feel you're as close to the soul as possible. That's what good design is, when it liberate you, and allows you to do that, to help you feel something very powerful. And that's when you make an icon.